Monday, March 25, 2013

Globalist - FEMA Planned New Madrid EarthQuake Update

Globalist - FEMA Planned New Madrid EarthQuake

News Update 2013, From when I left you last, I gave you a glimpse of what they were doing with the New Madrid, Fault line. However I see the Trend of the 2010 through Spring of 2011; Record Snowfalls Being Repeated this year in 2013. The Governments of the world have not stopped with their Weather modification. In fact as of right now they are Messing with the Jet Stream with HAARP. In fact Artificial High pressure zones have been created to move the Jet stream across the United States, by using Low Frequency's to push the atmosphere into space. Along with Project Smoke Screen and the Chem trails from the disused commercial jet airliners, The snow Storms that have been created from such manipulation are almost too predictable. I have heard from sources that have stated in Colorado, that They already Have record Snow Pack in the Mountains. They have stated that in normal winters, that they receive up to 3ft of snowfall. However many local residents, have stated recently that their snow pack this year is upwards of 10ft. This was the exact same trend that was created back in the winter of 2010-2011 with their unnatural snowstorms. We saw what it brought in the spring with the Record melt off with the created thunderstorms that they made with those tornadoes that killed hundreds of people in the April 2011 tornado outbreaks. If you can remember back to the spring of 2011, The Mississippi river and the Missouri Rivers were flooded. Many of homes and farmland were lost. Is this a Repeat of 2011? It could be, however in 2011 FEMA conducted its National Level Exercise from May 16-20 for earthquake Drills along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Could it be a forewarning? I do remember similar exercises took place before 9/11 preparing for a terrorist attack. So what should we be looking for? The signs that the New Madrid is going to blow are all present. The Massive animal deaths, every single year. Caused by Methane and other earth gases being released, due to tectonic movement, the fish stock in many areas has perished because of this. The mainstream media cannot and will not tell the truth about these deaths. Many other birds have perished and trees snapped off in Ohio, due to HAARP's testing of their scalar waves. Many signs are present, along with the sinkholes appearing all over the nation. The Question remains is when? I don't think any expert or even the ptb can give you this answer. 2 things will occur however before this disaster will be unleashed on the United States. 1. The Missouri and Mississippi rivers are flooded or 2. The United States Goes to War, possibly a World War. As you see, I do not believe this disaster will be unleashed until the 3rd world war starts. Why? Because it must fit into the plan, for global currency collapse by oil prices. Also why would this be unleashed during a war? As you see HAARP is the New Manhattan project, wars are not just fought with bombs, but geological and weather warfare are upon us. Keep your eyes on the Middle east, Keep your eyes On April, for thunderstorms, keep your Eyes on that snow pack and the Rivers. All these are tale tale signs that the greatest earthquake in the history of the United States is about to unfold. Like I said before, keep people informed, read those history books there are signs when the last quake in New Madrid hit and they are written in books. Keep watching and be prepared, for the question is not IF, but WHEN.

I used to work for a Security agency that had ties to the government, Witnessed the Weather Modification first hand with haarp and had proof of it back in 2010, much like dutchsinse only I was on the front lines, only problem was I couldn't publish the information due to the sensitivity of that information, less face jail time. There was a cover up involved, Was witness to it, and a media scandal. In winter of 2010 there was major weather modification with HAARP and Chemtrails, across the USA bringing record snowfalls. This snowfall combined with the Government Operation False flag in may of 2010 with the BP oil spill. The oil rig was actually destroyed with a suicide sub sabotage style. This uncapping of the well created a great void that is helping to create extreme pressures and lubricate the new madrid fault line at its beginnings down in Louisiana. Anyway The one Indicator that I saw the Gov was doing was using the Heavy Snow and Water to put pressures on the New Madrid fault line they actually want it to blow, that combined with the pressures from the BP oil spill has caused a bad situation, along with fracking. Anyway I watched as they manipulated the weather causing massive snow falls, leading to the collapse of the metro dome in Minnesota. The snow melted and Flooded the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Fema Practiced their simulated Earthquake Drills shortly round that time preparing for the real False flag. Keep a watch on the Snow, If we get record snowfall, This could be it, expect the quake near July or the end of May when the waters were highest last time it flooded. Many Fema informants have stated that they know a planned quake is coming none know the date but many are moving the hell out of the area. West of the River. Keep people informed

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